A Sea Change

A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to get away and escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head south to the seaside town of Sitges. It’s only a 40-minute train ride from Barcelona, seriously so easy! We walked 10min from our apartment to the train station, jumped on board, and then another 10min walk from the station to our hotel. I am loving the public transport system in Barcelona. It’s cheap, fast and reliable. 

Sitges is a popular getaway destination for the people of Barcelona. It’s great Mediterranean beaches and seafront promenade, lined with grand mansions are such a drawcard that it’s like something from a movie. The main icon of the town is its century-old whitewashed ‘church by the sea.’ You can’t miss it. It’s perched on the rocks on the tip of the peninsular. As you walk up the grand steps to this church, you gasp at its location, with the ocean crashing upon its rocky base and the worn facade shows how the sea and the elements have carved their mark on its walls.

Normally Sitges is buzzing with tourists and visitors, but at the moment, with restrictions still in place, it is quiet and almost deserted. It’s well-known festivals and carnivals which are grand occasions and provide annual revenue for the town, are all postponed or cancelled. I felt for the business owners who are struggling to keep their shops open. They, like us, are hoping it will get back to normal soon.

As we walked around the streets of the old town, I felt quite at home, maybe because many people speak English there, so communication was easy. The cobblestone laneways filled with shops, restaurants and bars are very enchanting. I almost felt like I was on a Greek island. But the best part for me was walking the promenade and strolling the beach while watching the sunset. Very therapeutic. 

Of course, as we walked my camera was always on hand. There’s such a contrast from the city, with its dark and moody vibe to the light pastels of the seaside. It was a nice and much-needed change. 

We left Sitges with many thoughts of returning. I think it will be a regular getaway for this Queensland girl as I am very much missing our amazing beaches. 

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