From the old to the new, there is a little story in every building.

Well, as we continue to settle into life here in Barcelona, the weather starts to cool down. Cool for this Queensland girl anyway! Though, wandering the streets is much more pleasant in Autumn, and the light is soft and warm.

A few weeks ago, hubby and I walked around for hours, we clocked up 43,000 steps in only two days! I can tell you we were pretty beat after that. It’s easy to wander long distances in Barcelona as every street has something unique to look at. Of course, you need your sustenance along the way, a stop at a bakery for a coffee and a croissant, is vital.


As we move from one street to the next, I’m constantly stopping to photograph something and my wonderful husband is always watching and looking out for me, as some areas are a little dodgy. He’s like my personal bodyguard. Don’t get me wrong though, I feel quite safe here but when you are carrying an expensive camera there is always temptation. I had quite a few lovely locals try to communicate to me to hide my camera and to be careful. Of course, they would have to knock me over and yank it from my neck. Seriously though, I really don’t feel that here, but maybe a smaller less obvious camera would be better, mmm.…a Leica would be nice 😊 I wish. No, I love my Nikon.


Architecture is one of Barcelona’s most amazing things to look at. I am constantly drawn to the buildings and mostly the windows and balconies within the buildings, even if I pass the same ones every day. There’s something about them. I think it’s the fact that they change every day, depending on the habitants and the light. People hang out their washing or pop out a chair to sit on, or a flag is draped to show their patriotism, or just the reflection from the sky, it gives them life. From the old to the new, there is a little story in each of them.

As restrictions get a little tighter over here, I will still continue my wanderings. We are now not allowed to leave Barcelona on weekends, and we must be home by 10pm each night, so maybe I’ll stay a little closer to home. Home, yes, we have finally found a permanent place. It’s in the beautiful precinct of Gràcia. It’s a very arty area full of quant laneways, indie boutiques, and galleries. So, I am loving it!

I will be posting more on this in my future blogs, as I familiarise myself with my new local community.

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